Define Your Style

BE WHO I AM...Ladies let's say it and embrace it! Don't let style define you, YOU define your style.

Hi! I'm Ambur! Let me introduce m'self!  #founder and #leaddesigner of the Cali-casual lifestyle jewelry collection- @amburmariejewelry . At AMJ we solely use natural gemstones and semi-precious minerals to create the Boho-chic vibe - our AMJ family loves! 

Ok... so I admit it! #ihavethisthingwithcolor ... it defines my signature style. Color allows ME to "be who I am".  I pretty much #colorcrush on everything from barely blush shades to bold vibrant citrus hues — from loving foggy neutrals to inky-smudgy shadows ... oh, and gold! So! Much! GOLD! 

After that intro, it's only natural that among my fav-o-rite bag designers is Nena & Co! Their perfect balance of vibrant color against neutral tones connects my passion for color with my festive Latina and earthy Native American heritage. Not to mention the connection I feel with their mission to support indigenous peoples and the exquisite artisan quality of each bag.

When styling a photoshoot, I like to break it down first by deciding what emotion I want people to feel. Because I love putting a lot of colors together, my natural gemstone jewelry easily plays into any style mood I am creating. The look I stay close too is effortless and easy, yet never lacks sparkle and GLAAAM! I like to be able to go from a beach-y resort vibe to a night on the town look by just adding the right shoes, accessories, and a little lipstick! 

Ali's designs are a perfect complement - oozing with personality all by themselves. Throw one of her pieces into the mix and “voila” you are now channeling your inner Kate Hudson! As I put together outfits for a shoot or just everyday life I like to juxtapose a casual day look with a glamorous look. Different textures and fabrics are a must! Just because I'm a momprenuer to three littles doesn't mean I don't want some umph in my style! For example, I might toss a super soft half tucked in fitted tee with some long asymmetrical baroque pearl earrings (for a subtle fancy edginess), a perfectly worn and torn pair of boyfriend jeans (rolled and cuffed of course), with our gemstone wraps layered up the arms, a pair of Vince Camuto nude heels, a messy ponytail, and a gorgeous Nena & Co Candiz Tote over the shoulder.  Now, if you want to mix it up with an “LA Cool +Chic” flare, you could take a comfy long grey knit cardigan (my favorite neutral) putting it over a silk slip dress, some ankle boots, dripping with layers of pearl and gemstone long AMJ necklaces (I love mixing the Kona and the Florence, both made with gold Vermeil), a loose over the shoulder braid, and an oh so delicious Nena & Co fold over tassel clutch.

Color captures the heart and soul of my style choices. Vibrant punches that make you stop and look, they speak to me. I think fashion, when embraced, can empower a woman helping her feel feminine, fearless, and BOLD! Style is simply an extension of yourself and a way to tell the world a little something about yourself without saying anything at all. There is no wrong way to be you, so just go with what feels right and wear it proudly. Be authentic to yourself and ride your vibe. 


Ambur | @amburmariejewelry